Saturday, October 31, 2015

Whale saved (1)

Troops, Mullaitivu fishermen save whale

Garbage dump issue - Meetotamulla (2)

Residents take Kolonnawa garbage headache to Supreme Court

SC calls for solutions over Meetotamulla garbage issue

Elephant killed (1)

මිතුරා බේරාගන්න සෙබළා තැබූ වෙඩිල්ලෙන් අලියා මියයයි

Millipedes invade (1)

Millipedes invade villages

Fisheries issues (1)fish

Licences of fishing vessels ignoring guidelines to be cancelled

Kidney disease threatens south? (1)

South also threatened by CKDu - lecturer

Health issue (1)

කතුන් ආඝාතයට ගොදුරුවීම වැඩිවේ