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  • ස්වාභාවික අාපදා හමුෙව් ජනමාධයෙය් කාර්යභාරය - ශ්‍රී ලංකා හරිත ව්‍යාපාරෙය් අනුග්‍රහෙයන් පැවැත්වූ වැඩමුළුව (Role of media during natural disasters - workshop) Divaina, 2013-04-02, Click here)

  • Pigeon Island national park status in the balance (The Sunday Times, 2013-01-27, Read in The Sunday Times or GMSL Blog)

  • Weragama tsunami village visited by Italian delegation
    වාද්දුව වේරගම සුනාමි ගමේ වැසියන්ගේ දුක-සැප බලන්න අමුත්තෙක් ඇවිත් (Dinamina, 2013-01-12, Read in Dinamina or GMSL Blog)

  • Ford continues commitment to environment, donates $10,000 to Forest Conservation Project  (Daily News, 2012-03-02, Read in: NewspaperGMSL Blog)
  • සිංහරාජයේ පාර ඉලුඹකන්දට පමණයි! (Vidusara, 2011-12-07, Read in: NewspaperGMSL Blog)
  • Minister orders halt to forest clearing near Wilpattu (Daily News, 2011-10-15, Read in: Newspaper, GMSL Blog)
  • කවියමඩුව ප්‍රදේශයේ දැව කැපීම වහාම නැවැත්වීමට පියවර ගන්න (Dinamina, 2011-10-14, Read in: Newspaper, GMSL Blog)
  • Minister vows action against forest rapists (Daily Mirror, 2011-10-14, Read in: Newspaper, GMSL Blog)
  • Sinharaja Fork in the road (The Nation, 2011-10-09, Click here)
  • Now Soragune forest sees animals out, golf course in (Lakbima News, 2011-10-02, Click here)
  • Stay order on Sinharaja Road (Daily Mirror, 2011-09-24, Click here)
  • CEA, Forest Dept. yet to receive Ministry directive (Daily Mirror, 2011-09-23, Click here)
  • Forest Dept. to halt road adjacent to Sinharaja (The Island, 2011-09-13, Click here)
  • Sri Lanka's New Flashpoint for Human-Elephant Conflict (Science Insider, 2011-08-22, Click here)
  • Arsenic And Cyanide Found In Pesticides (The Sunday Leader, 2011-08-07, Click here)
  • රක්‍ෂිත වනබිම් විනාශ කරන විදේශීය කෙසෙල් වගාවෙන් දේශීය කෙසෙල් වඳ වී යන දවස අත ළඟයි (Vidusara, 2011-08-03, Click here)
  • Now, Sinharaja under ‘road-threat’ (The Sunday Times, 2011-07-31, Click here)
  • Against arsenic terror (Daily Mirror Online, 2011-07-21, Click here)
  • No development projects without EIA reports – Chandrasena (The Island, 2011-07-18, Click here)
  • Sri Lanka to relocate elephants for games (Xinhua, 2011-07-07, Click here) 
  • Fauna And Flora Act To Be Amended Ahead Of Commonwealth Games In Hambantota (Sunday Leader, 2011-07-03, Click here)